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Glider Cider

Our flagship cider features a nose of sliced apples, a light
sweetness, fresh apple flavors and a hint of tartness. It
finishes much dryer than mass-market ciders.

Gluten Free - all juice - 6.95% ABV - in 22oz bottles
Contains Sulfites

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Glider Cider Dry

A dryer version of Glider has a whisper apples, a light
tart note and a champagne-like flavor and finish. 
An elegant, understated gem with an extra-dry finale.

Gluten Free - All Juice - 6.95% ABV-in 22oz bottles
Contains Sulfites

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Aromas of lemon zest and cut grass lead to flavors
of light hops and a citrus kick of lemongrass.
A gateway cider for beer lovers, a unique thrill for
cider adventurers.

Gluten Free - 6.95% ABV - in 500ml bottles
Contains Sulfites

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Ol' Stumpy

Made with bittersweet apples, Ol' Stumpy has a
 silky mouth feel, aromas of earth, and oak and a
touch of tannins. Our modern take on an early
American cider. Aged for a full year, including
4 months in oak Chardonnay barrels.

Gluten Free - 6.95% ABV - in 750ml bottles
Contains Sulfites

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Mel (Pome Mel)

The first in our botanical series, it delivers notes of
 lavendar and rosemary over flavors of honey and
tart apples. It finishes clean and dry with hints of
its signature herbs.

Gluten Free - 6.5% ABV - in 22 oz bottles
Contains Sulfites

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Fresh pear aromas lead to barely sweet pear flavors
and an earthy, long-lasting rain-washed finish. 
A seasonal treat made with Colorado grown bartlett pear.

Gluten Free - all pear juice - 6% ABV in 22oz bottles
Contains Sulfites

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Made with a 50/50 blend of Colorado wine grapes 
and apples. In Spanish Uva = grape, Manzana = apple,
we combined them for UVANA.  Delicate fruit flavors,
a snappy middle and a dry finish with very few bubbles.

Gluten Free - 6.9% ABV -  in 500ml bottles
Contains Sulfites

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Cherry Glider

A rosé color and a distinctive cherry pucker.
This cherry is a unique & dry apple cider
enhanced with cherries, not over powered by them.

Gluten Free - 6.95% ABV - 650ml (22oz) bottles 
Contains Sulfites

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CCC Distraction - limited release!!

This is our "Pommeau" and we only made about 45 cases!
We took some distilled cider and added it to fresh juice
and aged it in a rum barrel for a year.
Sort of like a Port version of cider.
Available now in our tasting room.

Gluten Free – 14.5% ABV – in 375ml bottles