Our tasting room opened 11/11/11

Hours are:
Fridays 3:00-6:00
Saturdays 2:30-6:30
& May thru October
Sundays 1:00 - 5:00!

Bar & Store owners: Colorado Cider is distributed by Elite Brands!
To include our Cider in your next order call: 303-394-7535

United States Association of Cider Makers

We formed a National Cider Makers Association at the 2013 "Cidercon" in Chicago in February. Things are still being worked out but there's a web presence at

Big Apple

Grasshop-ah makes it to the big apple! Critics stunned at flavor explosion:

2012 Colorado Mountain Winefest

Glider, Grasshop-ah, AND Ol' Stumpy win Bronze in the 2012 Colorado Mountain Winefest competition:


Around the World

Thu, 2015/03/12 - 7pm

in 180 minutes!
get your tix!

Give Paws

Thu, 2015/03/19 - 5pm

look for our auction item at this
Dumb Friends League event!

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